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in our day-to-day life, stress comes from all over the place. as a person, we have different roles to play, like I’m an employee at work, a son for my parents, a boyfriend for my partner, and a student at school, and all the different roles come with different demands and responsibility, and we can not ignore them nor can we escape from it, we have to face those things, so stress comes, if we want to be excellent at different areas and still have the chance to enjoy our life? we need strategies to deal with all those stresses.

For me personally, I work full time in Shenzhen China, one of the biggest and fast-growing city in China, every day, my work comes with a lot of demands and late-night work, you have to learn a lot of new skills to keep you up to date, and on track, while doing all of that, I still need to find some time to do all the course work, a lot of essays and papers and readings.

there are a lot of different strategies for dealing with stress in life, and I have a protocol just for that,  the most common way that I use in my life are meditation, self-talk, and being grateful.

I learned the skill of meditating when I took the course <positive psychology 1504> by Harvard University and becoming loving it since then, and meditation becomes one of the daily habits that help me to clear up my thoughts and keep me centered among all the stresses.

the other two good strategies that I use are doing some positive self-talk, like a pep talk, and being grateful by not judging myself but recognize all my improvements and little wins every day, I will have more confidence to face all the unknowns in the future. whenever I feel down and out, I will just put my work down, and go out by myself, like walking on the beach, and keep reminding me how gorgeous life is, and how lucky I am to just exist on this beautiful planet. and this process will purify my heart and mind, and I will get all the faith and power that I need to take over my day and fight back my stresses.

and other coping mechanisms are more biological and physical rather than psychological, it includes breathing, exercising, drinking, and sleeping.

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Positive Psychology 1504: Harvard’s Groundbreaking Course. (2020, October 12).


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