Time Management Strategies – UNIV1001 – unit8

Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”

― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

we all got 24 hours each day, but how do we use them is different from one person to another, my ideal time allocation would be every week go to the gym, practice piano, do MOOC courses at night or in the morning before going to work. 继续阅读“Time Management Strategies – UNIV1001 – unit8”

All about stress – UNIV1001 – unit7


in our day-to-day life, stress comes from all over the place. as a person, we have different roles to play, like I’m an employee at work, a son for my parents, a boyfriend for my partner, and a student at school, and all the different roles come with different demands and responsibility, and we can not ignore them nor can we escape from it, we have to face those things, so stress comes, if we want to be excellent at different areas and still have the chance to enjoy our life? we need strategies to deal with all those stresses. 继续阅读“All about stress – UNIV1001 – unit7”




好事,坏事,我们都会经历各种事,无论发生什么事,我认为“一切的起因都在于自己”,不推到他人、社会的身上,不去指责他人,也不怨恨这社会。不管发生什么,自己处理,自己主动承担责任。大体的事情,都可以自己负责解决。只有带着“说服自己的关键是在于自己”的觉悟,才可能不依赖于他人,用自己的双脚走下去。 继续阅读“一切自己负责。指责他人也无济于事-001”

《From The Ground Up》 – Howard Schultz

读完了星巴克灵魂人物、前CEO Howard Schultz的From the Ground Up, 非常的受启发

一趟米兰之行,星巴克从一个坐落在西雅图只卖咖啡豆的小店铺,摇身一变,成为一个全球最大的咖啡连锁公司,2021 Q1 星巴克全球共有约3万3千家咖啡店,单在中国共有4800家咖啡店,2020年全球新开张2150家咖啡店,相当于每天就有6家星巴克开张。 继续阅读“《From The Ground Up》 – Howard Schultz”