CS 1101 Programming Fundamentals – AY2021-T5

This course covers the basics of computer programming and provides a foundation for further learning in this area. No previous computer programming knowledge is required to finish this course. The course uses the Python programming language which is very simple and straightforward. The course also covers abstract concepts which can be applied to almost any programming language, and students are encouraged to pay attention to these, since the way of thinking like a programmer is the most valuable lesson they will learn.

Sentence Diagram 思维导图

熟练掌握sentence diagram

学习英语很重要,然而要学英语,就逃不开 “语法” 这个大坑。

大部分国内教授语法的方式,各大语法书的撰写方法,完全没有从用户的角度出发,用户体验很糟糕,专业的语言学生看还可以,普通的中小学生会一头雾水,但自从接触到了sentence diagram(句子图)——一种国外学生学习英语语法的技巧,发现语法其实也很好理解。

下面是我在 english-grammar-revolution.com  这个网站上的学习笔记,用思维导图概括出来了重点内容,(笔记是用英语做的),分享到这里

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《PyroEDU Course 2: Introduction to Digital Electronics》

这套课程里学到了很多Discrete Logic的知识,比如SR Latch 、Flip Flop 、Shift Registers,还有74系类的logic gate IC, 事后证实 timing diagram 也是个超有用的东西,记了很多笔记,打印整理出了很多IC的datasheet,还录了LED chaser的视频,这才体会到电学的有趣和深奥。很充实。

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